Winnie_aboutWinnie Wing  Hungenbach  was born  in Shanghai and spent her childhood there.  She moved to Hong Kong in the late 70’s where she lived for over 20 years.  It was there that she completed a course in Fashion Design. These studies enabled her to discover her artistic talent  and creativity.

She began to see things with the eyes of an artist. It was at the end of the “Nineties” that she began to experiment with pastel colors. An intensive study of European art brought her a diversity of new ideas. At the same time she also completed several Art courses in Shanghai.

“A Dream is just a Dream but the painting makes the Dream forever”

Upon moving to Germany in 2000 she suddenly found herself faraway from the hustle and bustle  of Hong Kong. Now, with the sufficient  time plus peace and quiet, she began to devote herself once again to her artistic leanings.

She started to paint in oil, and was greatly attracted to this technique; it gave her a far wider scope in which to  express herself. Now her paintings combine both European and Asian influences.  In her repertoire you will find intricately painted Buddha statues, landscapes  inspired by both European and Asian surroundings and fantastic  imaginative dream landscapes.